Voltage Standards : Fluke 724

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Fluke 724
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Celebrando 15 años de servicio a usuarios de equipos en todo el mundo

  • Easy to read dual display lets you view input and output simultaneously

  • Measure RTDs, thermocouples, ohms, and volts to test sensors and transmitters

  • Source/simulate thermocouples, RTDs, volts, and ohms to calibrate transmitters

  • Perform fast linearity tests with 25% and 100% steps

  • Execute remote tests with auto step and auto ramp

  • Power transmitters during test using loop power supply with simultaneous mA measurement

  • Store frequently-used test setups for later use

  • Compact, streamlined shape makes it easy to carry

  • Rugged, reliable design stands up to field use

  • Backlight lets you work in poor light

  • Large battery capacity of four AA cells

  • Battery door for easy changes

  • Fabricantes: Fluke
  • Modelo: 724




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