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Aaronia BicoLOG 20300
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NEW BicoLOG 20300 Radial Isotropic Antenna ("radial isotropic", 20MHz to 3GHz) Incl. calibration sheet

The practical biconical antennas of the BicoLOG Antenna-Series are the perfect tool for performing economic and still highly accurate measurements in the lower frequency range up to 20MHz.
These radial-isotropic-antenna are already delivered with typical, extensive calibration data in order to facilitate calibration for various measurement systems. The BicoLOG 20100 and BicoLOG 20300 antenna is accompanied with a calibration sheet and thus offers maximum measurement precision right from the beginning! The high-quality measurement-antennas of the BicoLOG series are very light-weight and as such perfectly suited for mobile application, as well as usage in the laboratory. Every BicoLOG-Antenna has a high-grade N connector and as such can be connected to nearly all measuring equipment. Devices, like Spectrum Analyzer, with SMA connector can be used with our optional, top-quality adapter.
  • Fabricantes: Aaronia
  • Modelo: BicoLOG 20300




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