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Equipo de Calidad - nuevas y reformadas

Multifunction DMM Calibrators

o DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI and Q Functions

o True lkV AC Performance from a Single Unit

o 4808 for Ultimate in Standards Laboratory Performance

o 4800 for Meter Calibration to 7 1/2 Digit Accuracy

o 4805 for Meter Calibration to 5 1/2, Digit Accuracy

Used either as a component in an automated calibration system or as a standalone bench instrument, the DatTon range of Multifunction calibrators offers the mosl Esteffective solution to toelay's calibration problems. Initial purchase costs are reduced by the Inclusion of a full capability IOOOV DC and AC power amplifier in the calibrator chassis, enabling a single unit 10 cover the widest possible calibration workload. The options available on the 4808 and 4800 allow an instrument to be conflgured as Dev only. ACV only. or multifunction. enabling configuration of a calibrator that meets today's requirements while retaining the flexibility to upgrade capabilities as requirements change
  • Fabricantes: Wavetek
  • Modelo: 4808




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