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Fluke 5700A-5725A
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5700A Calibrator with 5725A Amplifier

The 5700A Calibrator is designed to cover the widest portion of today's calibration workload - a wide variety of DMMs from all manufacturers. It delivers direct voltage to 1100V and alternating voltage from 220 V to 1100V at frequencies from 10Hz to 1.2MHz. Cardinal point resistances range from 1-ohm to 100 Mohms in x1 and x1.9 decades, including a short. Direct and alternating current are provided to 2.2 A, and frequencies for alternating current range from 10Hz to 10kHz.

The Fluke 5725A Amplifier is a companion to the 5700A Calibrator. It extends the 5700A's workload coverage. It increases maximum direct and alternating current to 11 A for calibrating the high current ranges of popular low-cost and hand-held DMMs. It also extends the calibrator's alternating volt-hertz product to 1100V at 30kHz and 750V at 100kHz to cover the calibration requirements of high-accuracy bench and system meters.
  • Fabricantes: Fluke
  • Modelo: 5700A-5725A




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