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Teledyne LeCroy WaveRunner 6200A
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WR6200A 2 GHz, 4 Channel Scope/DSO

LeCroys WaveRunner 6000 Series is built to be the worlds best everyday bench oscilloscope. It offers the best acquisition specifications, a user interface that makes it easy to perform the most common oscilloscope functions, industry-leading long term support and a "feel" that makes the oscilloscope a pleasure to drive.

For the first time, LeCroy has combined the type of high performance front amplifier, ADC, memory and triggering used in more expensive oscilloscopes and designed it all into a very affordable package. The WaveRunner 6000 Series also introduces a user interface that makes viewing and measuring signals simple and fast.

With the WaveRunner 6000 Series, all viewing controls and basic oscilloscope functions are easily at hand using front panel knobs. You get fast views and can zoom in to see details on the bright touch panel color screen. Or use the simple and intuitive controls to call up exactly the measurements you need.

The WaveRunner 6000 Series includes an industry-leading signal acquisition path, which provides a 5 GS/s ADC on every channel (Model 6050 and above) and 1 Mbyte of standard memory. No need to worry about the undersampling or aliasing caused by slower ADCs or shorter memories on other oscilloscopes.
  • Fabricantes: Teledyne LeCroy
  • Modelo: WaveRunner 6200A




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