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Tektronix DPO7254
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Tektronix DPO7254 Oscilloscope, 4-Channel, 2.5 GHz

The Tektronix DPO7254 is part of Tektronix's new generation of real-time digital phosphor oscilloscopes and are the industry's best solution to the challenging signal integrity issues faced by designers verifying, characterizing, debugging and testing sophisticated electronic designs.
Tektronix DPO7254 Features:

* Real-Time Sample Rates 1 Channel (max): 40 GS/s
* 2-Channel (max): 20 GS/s
* 3-4 Channels (max): 10 GS/s

Standard Record Length
* 1 Channel: 400 M
* 2-Channel: 200 M
* 3-4 Channels: 100 M

Options at additional cost:
10RL - 500 msamples max, 125 msamples/ch
1P - Thermal printer in the pouch
2RL - 125 msamples max, 25 msamples/ch
5RL - 250 msamples max, 50 msamples/ch
D-PHY - MIPI D-PHY Essentials
D-PHYTX - D-PHY Automated Solution
DDRA - DDR Memory Technology Analysis Package
DELOP - Deletes probes
DJA - Jitter And Eye Analysis Tools - Advanced
DJE - Jitter And Eye Analysis Tools - Essentials
ET3 - Ethernet Compliance Testing
HEAC - HEAC Automation Solution
JA3 - Jitter And Timing Measurements Software
JE3 - TDSJIT3 Essentials, A Limited Version Of TDSJIT3
LSA - Low Speed Serial Analysis
LT - Waveform Limit Testing
MTM - Mask Testing
PS1 - Power Solution Bundle For DPO7254: DPOPWR, P5205, TCP0030, TPA-BNC, 067-1686-Xx (Deskew Fixture)
PTM - Serial Protocol Trigger And Decode For DPO7000
ST - Serial Protocol Triggering
SVE - Signalvu Essentials - Vector Signal Analysis Software
SVM - Signalvu General Purpose Modulation Analysis.
Requires Option SVE
SVP - Signalvu Pulse - Advance Signal Analysis (Including Pulse Measurements). Requires Option SVE
SVT - Settling Time Measurements (Frequency and Phase), Requires SVE
USB - USB 2.0 compliance test software
UWB - Ultra Wideband analysis software option
UWBE - Ultra-Wideband Essentials Ver 2.2
XGBT - 10GBASE-T Automated Solution
  • Fabricantes: Tektronix
  • Modelo: DPO7254




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