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CS SERIES Real Time Oscilloscopes 100 MHz, 3CH

The CS-5400 Series are 3-channel oscilloscopes developed with concepts of high level design, high accuracy and easy operation. The panel layout neverdiminishes the intuitive and high-speed response providefatigue free operation even after long-hours of use. These models incorporating readout function (with CS-5400 / 5450) offer you parameter measurement and auto setup functions enabling to measure AC voltage (Vp-p), DC voltage, frequency and period. All of these models are provided with full features including +/-2% highaccuracy measurement, delay sweep function, automatic triggering and high intensity, high-resolution CRT. The CS-5400 Series with high-performance will surely assist you in many kinds of field activities.
  • Fabricantes: TEXIO Kenwood
  • Modelo: CS-5405




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