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PS SERIES Highly Efficient Switching DC Power Supplies 0-10V / 0-70A


The PS Series power supplies are DC constant-voltage (CV)C constant-current (CC) power supplies based on the variable switching method, featuring compact size, light weight, excellent reliability and the variable outputs. They have been designed as highly universal stand-alone type models putting emphasis on the ease of operation and safety and equipped with a variety of protection functions. Three capacity types are available including 360W, 720W, and 1080W and 13 kinds of variations are available by combining ranges of 0 to 6 V, 10 V, 20 V, 36 V and 60 V. Several versatile applications are also provided including remote control functions with GP-IB control capability (which is possible when the optional GP-600 is used.)

Compact Size, Light Weight, High Efficiency
Thanks to the advanced switching method, the PS Series power supplies are both compact and light , with less than half the mass and volume of previous power supply models, resulting in an excellent space factor and high efficiency.

Digital Display of Voltage and Current
Output voltage and current are indicated on 7-segment red LED displays to allow easy checking.

GP-IB System Compatibility
In addition to the output voltage and current control capabilities and status signal outputs, the output on/off, power on/off control and remote/local switches are provided. The GP-IB control is also possible optionally (when the optional GP-600 is combined.)

Wide Applications
Control operations include control by an external voltage or resistance of the output voltage and current.

Low Noise
The temperature-sensitive fan motor reduces the rotation speed when the load is light or the ambient temperature is low to prevent noise.

Front Air Intake
The forced air cooling system intakes air through the front panel and increases the packing density in case the power supply is mounted in a device or rack. The front grill incorporate an air filter to improve dust protection.

Safety (Fail-Safe Function)
(Fail-Safe Function) For safety, the switching operation is stopped (output off status) and the AC power relay is interrupted while a protection function is operating.

Output over-voltage protection (OVP)
When the output voltage exceeds the OVP setting value, the switching operation (oscillation) is stopped and the output is turned off.

Output over-current protection (OCP)
Increase in the output current to 110% or more of the rated current is detected by a protection circuit, which stops the switching operation and interrupts the AC power relay.

Over-heat protection (OHP)
When the heat sink temperature reaches about 100?, the switching operation is stopped and the AC power relay is interrupted.

Input power abnormality protection
In case of input over-voltage, input voltage drop or an over-current due to internal abnormality, the switching operation is stopped and the output is turned off.

Alarm (power abnormality) signal
When the output over-current, input over-voltage or input over-current is detected, when the over-heat protection circuit is activated or when the power is switched off, an alarm signal is generated to turn the output off and interrupt the AC power relay.

Power relay off signal
When trouble occurs on the user side, etc., the power relay is interrupted by an external signal. (Rush current protection circuit) The rush current protection circuit is activated at the moment of the power is switched on to reduce the input surge current.


* Compact Size, Light Weight, High Efficiency
* Digital Display of Voltage and Current
* GP-IB System Compatibility
* Wide Applications
* Low Noise
* Front Air Intake
* Safety (Fail-Safe Function)
* Output over-voltage protection (OVP)
* Output over-current protection (OCP)
* Over-heat protection (OHP)
* Input power abnormality protection
* Alarm (power abnormality) signal
* Power relay off signal
  • Fabricantes: TEXIO Kenwood
  • Modelo: PS10-70




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