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The DB-33000E Series and DB-31000E Series consist of jitter meters which extract the 3T components from the RF signals of DVDs, and CD-Rs and measure the level of jitters in the 3T components. These jitter meters display sigma values of measured jitters on the meters and output the DC voltages corresponding to the jitter sigma values as well as the voltages corresponding to the time span of jitters before sigma processing through BNC connectors on the rear panel. These jitter meters have LEDs for indicating GO/NG judgment results of measured values. It is possible to set the threshold value for GO/NG judgment for each speed independently. This simplifies operations and improves the measurement efficiency. With these functions, the DB-33000E Series and DB- 31000E Series have a wide variety of applications including development and production lines.

* The measurement value is correlation with the Time Interval Analyzer.
* DB-31000E series
6 models in range : CD 1; CD 2; CD 4; CD 6; CD 8; DVD 1;
* DB-33000E series
The DB-33000E series provides a combination of any 3 of the DB-31000E range.
* Real Time Measurement
An Analogue meter displays the real time signal jitter value.
* GO/NG Judgment
A GO/NG feature enables the threshold to be fully adjustable from the control panel and sets the reference against which the judgement will be made. The result is provided in the display.
* Asymmetry correction
DB-33000E and DB-31000E automatically capture the 3T signal of RF signal even when it is asymmetrical.
* Monitor terminal
RF and Jitter level monitor terminals are provided on the rear panel.

  • Fabricantes: TEXIO Kenwood
  • Modelo: DB-33148E




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