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ENI-E&I A150 Broadband Power Amplifier
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Electronics & Innovation A150; 150 Watts RF Power Amplifier For:

  •  Ultrasonic
  •  Testing
  •  Laboratory use
  •  300 KHz to 35 MHz
  •  Instantaneous Bandwidth
  •  150 W 1dB Compression
  •  Solid State
  •  Air Cooled

The A-150 Amplifier is a rugged source of RF power,
useful for ultrasonics, HF transmitters, RFI/EMI,
plasma equipment and general laboratory
applications. The A-150 represents E&I's
commitment to providing RF power amplifiers of the
highest quality, durability and ruggedness.
The A-150 produces 150 Watts of class A linear
power output over the entire frequency range from
300 KHz to 35 MHz. It has very low harmonic
distortion along with low IMD products. Operation
over the band is achieved without the need for any
band switching or indeed any adjustments. The
power gain is rated at 53 dB with a typical gain
flatness of +/- 1.5 dB
The A-150 is compatible with most signal generators,
frequency synthesizers, sweep generators and other
laboratory signal sources. It accurately reproduces all
waveforms within its power and frequency ranges:
AM. FM, SSB, pulsed and other complex modulation
The A-150 is built to withstand a 13 dBm input (1.0
Volt RMS) for any VSWR load condition. The internal
switched mode power supply is very conservatively
rated, in order to facilitate operation over a large
range of line conditions and temperatures. The forced
air cooling provides for low internal temperatures,
providing long term reliability. The RF power is
delivered by rugged DMoS FETs, de-rated to provide
for excellent MTBF.

  • Fabricantes: Electronics Innovation
  • Modelo: A150




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