Radio Test Set : Aeroflex IFR 2975

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Aeroflex IFR 2975
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The 2975 pushes testing technology to a higher level. For Project 25 complete transmitter spectrum performance testing, swept antenna and transmission line testing and at-a-glance troubleshooting, the 2975 comes standard with a digitized 2.7 GHz spectrum analyzer and dual-channel digital storage oscilloscope. Then, with the functionality of over 20 discrete instruments integrated into a single platform, the 2975 provides all the tools you need to perform comprehensive RF testing for AM/FM and P25 radio systems.
  • "Click and Tune" spectrum analyzer mode (use your mouse to click and tune signals)
  • RF Receive / Generate with full cross band Duplex Operation
  • C4FM / FM / AM modulation and demodulation
  • RF Power / Frequency / Frequency Error / Distortion / SINAD / AF Level / Voltage Meters
  • Oscilloscope markers easily set and verify amplitude and frequency parameters of audio signals.
    • Fabricantes: Aeroflex IFR
    • Modelo: 2975




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