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Pendulum Instruments 2241
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Microwave Antenna Alignment Test Set
The Pendulum Instruments 2241, formerly XL Microwave, Microwave Antenna Alignment Test Set.
The Path Align-R 2241 is a high performance, affordable and complete test solution designed to quickly and accurately optimize the transmission path between two microwave antennas within minutes. The Path Align-R test set is completely outfitted with everything needed to align a microwave link and communicate between sites with distances up to 100 miles (161km). Because the Path Align-R directly drives the site's antennas, the link alignment process is completed without the need of the radios, expensive and complex test equipment, ground technicians, on-site AC power, cell phones, or additional two-way radios.

Link Alignment in Minutes
The 2241 Path Align-R provides full-duplex FM voice communication over the link, allowing the on-site tower technicians working on path alignment to talk with each other even before alignment begins. The antenna installation crew is able to align the link as soon as the antennas are mounted even before the remaining equipment is on site. Alignment now takes only minutes instead of hours. Wireless installers, tower technicians, and contractors are able to save time and money during antenna installation and maintenance when using the Path Align-R

Data Recording Documents Accurate Path Alignment
Model 2241 includes the Record-R data logger, which allows the results of the antenna path alignment to be logged into internal memory. The Record-R contains an embedded GPS receiver to provide accurate date/time and position information added to the frequency and path loss data. The data is saved in memory for transfer to a PC using the Log View-R software.

Pendulum 2241 Path Align-R Specs
  • Full 4-bands included
  • Embedded GPS receiver
  • Portable, battery-powered, lightweight for field applications
  • Full duplex voice communication during path alignment over link
  • Variable alignment tone varies with received signal strength
  • Synthesized source output provides accurate and stable frequency at a power level that minimizes adjacent link interference but powerful enough for long links up to 100 miles/161 km
  • Path loss is continuously displayed, with 0.1 dB resolution, and a sensitivity down to approximately 100 dBm
  • Four tunable operating frequency bands
  • Data logger with embedded GPS receiver for recording date/time, position, and path-loss data
  • Accurately document antenna alignment with Log View-R software, included
  • Two unit set, includes weather resistant backpack, headsets, battery and more
  • Fabricantes: Pendulum Instruments
  • Modelo: 2241




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