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Megger PA9Plus
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Power Analyser

  • Designed to comply with all applicable IEC, IEEE, EN Standards
  • Complies with CE marking
  • On-site analysis & data retrieval without a computer
  • Intelligent Download —Select only the data required
  • Trends Harmonics, THD & TDD
  • Provides real-time graphical display of individual harmonic power
  • Includes AVO Metrosoft® software
  • Remote communications & alarm capabilities

The PA9Plus has been introduced based on the success of the PA9 and has enhanced standard key features including a faster Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to support future evolving features and capabilities, a full 12 MB of internal, non-volatile memory and incorporated auxiliary power input capabilities.

To address worldwide applications, the product is CE marked and adheres to applicable European standards (EN50160, IEC61000 series, IEEE1159, IEEE519).

The optional removable memory capabilities allows internal recorded data to be copied directly to an external standard compact flash card using the same technology available with most of today’s digital cameras. This means that without a computer on site, data can be copied, manually or unattended, from the instrument to external memory cards, increasing the effective instrument memory storage to the size of the memory card used, and will program new configuration setups in the same, simple manner.

  • Fabricantes: Megger
  • Modelo: PA9Plus




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