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Com-Power LI-550A
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100 MHz, Line Impedance Stabilization Network

Com-Power LI 550 Features:

Frequency range: 100 kHz or 0.10 MHz - 100 MHz

Inductor uH: 5

Current Rating Amps: 50

EMI Test Specification: CISPR 25

Single line design for flexibility

Coils matched to application

RF Shielding to minimize external interference

Individually Calibrated

Two Year Warranty

Other Info:

The Com-Power LI-550 Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISNs) is utilized during conducted emissions as well as susceptibility testing. It is specified in the EMI test requirements of various regulatory agencies, such as FCC, CISPR, FAA and DOD.

The LI550 provides input power impedance to the EUT that is constant and independent of the line impedance. As a result, the test engineer will be able to gather consistent test data.

The LI 550 has an aluminum enclosure that minimizes radio frequency interference which can compromise test results and use air-core coils to prevent saturation and permeability variation.
  • Fabricantes: Com Power
  • Modelo: LI-550A




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