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Aeroflex-IFR 3416
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Digital RF Signal Generators

The IFR 3410 series are portable, lightweight signal generators covering a wide range of carrier frequencies to 6 GHz. High quality analog and vector modulation capabilities make these signal generators ideal for research, development and manufacturing applications.

Careful attention to the design of the modulators and the RF system ensures that these signal generators exhibit low levels of adjacent channel power, making them suitable for the most demanding amplifier linearity and receiver selectivity measurements.

The use of Aeroflex fractional N synthesis techniques, combined with fast level control and an electronic attenuator, ensures the 3410 series signal generators are both frequency and level agile for high speed ATE testing.

  • Wide frequency coverage 250 kHz to 6 GHz (3416)
  • Fast RF frequency and level settling for high speed testing
  • High performance vector modulation for improved component test
  • Optional dual channel arbitrary waveform generator (ARB)
  • Low adjacent channel power for receiver selectivity and amplifier linearity testing
  • Fast GPIB response to maximize ATE system performance
  • IQCreator RF waveform creation software
  • Wide bandwidth FM and AM modulation capability
  • Optional Differential I/Q outputs for simplified component test interfacing
  • Optional high speed pulse modulation capability
  • Compact and lightweight package
  • Simple to use touch panel interface
  • RF optimization modes - Auto, Low Noise, Low ACP and Higher Power
  • Fabricantes: Aeroflex IFR
  • Modelo: 3416




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