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Hioki SM-8220
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Celebrando 15 años de servicio a usuarios de equipos en todo el mundo

Hioki Super Megohm Meter

* Measurement voltage : 10 - 1,000 V DC (7ranges)
* Meas. range : 0.05 - 2 x 1010M? (9ranges)
* Digital/analogue desplay on LCD
* Suited for measurement site of high to low voltage & resistive load
* Equipped with imer, remote starter, comparator & HV-EN function (standard spec)
* Compatible for measurement of several sample typees with electrodes & other devices

Basic specifications
SM-8213 SM-8215 SM-8220
Measuring voltage &
Measuring range 5V 2.5x104 to 1x1011?
10V 5x104 to 2x1011? 5x104 to 2x1014?
15V 7.5x104 to 3x1011?
25V 1.25x105 to 5x1011? 1.25x105 to 5x1014?
50V 2.5x105 to 1x1012? 2.5x105 to 1x1012? 2.5x105 to 1x1015?
100V 5x105 to 2x1012? 5x105 to 2x1012? 5x105 to 2x1015?
250V 1.25x106 to 5x1012? 1.25x106 to 5x1015?
500V 2.5x106 to 1x1013? 2.5x106 to 1x1016?
1,000V 5x106 to 2x1013? 5x106 to 2x1016?
Accuracy of measuring voltage 3% of setting voltage value
Output current Max. 50mA Max. 2mA
Measuring accuracy 10% (within 10 times range of min. value on each range at 20 C ), but 20% at 108 range of SM-8220
Display LCD (digital & analog display)
Standard function timer, comparator (alarm), remote start, HV-EN, RS-232C
Ambient temperature 0 to 40 C 5 to 35 C
Ambient humidity less than 85%RH
Power consumption Selectable 100, 120, 220 or 240V AC 10%, 50/60Hz, 25VA max.
Dimensions, mass 284mm(11.18in)W x 139mm(5.47in)H x 215mm(8.46in)D, 4.3kg(151.7oz)
  • Fabricantes: Hioki
  • Modelo: SM-8220




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