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Teledyne LeCroy DDA5005A XXL
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DDA 5005A 5 GHz Disk Drive Analysis (DDA) Series Oscilloscope 100Mpts

Maximum Performance
The Disk Drive Analyzer 5005A, with 5 GHz bandwidth, includes LeCroy’s newest and most powerful Disk Drive Analysis toolset. Capture, view, and analyze the waveshape of high-speed, complex drive signals with speed and integrity.

LeCroy’s X-Stream architecture integrates SiGe “digitizer on a chip“ technology and a specialized high-speed streaming bus design to transfer data from the ADC to a proprietary acquisition memory. The X-Stream architecture enables disk drive engineers to quickly and easily measure and analyze disk drive signals. With 10 GS/s and 24 Mpts/Ch—up to 20 GS/s and 48 Mpts on two channels—you can be assured drive signals are captured with accuracy and precision.

The DDA 5005A is designed for signal fidelity, whole track acquisition and analysis for read channel, media noise analysis, and head parametrics, with the longest acquisition memory standard. The DDA 5005A comes standard with enough acquisition memory to capture 2.4 milliseconds of data at 20 GS/s, while the XXL model captures 5 milliseconds with its 100 Mpts per dual-channel memory.

Excellence in Head,Disk,Track, and Noise Analysis
The DDA series analyzers incorporate the tools to make you most efficient. The standard 100 Mpts of capture memory in the DDA 5005A XXL provides 5 milliseconds of single-shot, 20 GS/s capture speed on two channels.

Long Memory and Flexibility in Finding Problems
Acquire a head signal up to 5 GHz and then QuickZoom from the front panel. The DDA copies and expands the drive signal automatically. Simply scroll horizontally and vertically to examine any sector. Multiple Zooms let you view up to eight separate areas of the head signal; each zoom comes in a distinct color. You can measure the time between two events accurately with horizontal and vertical cursors. Disk drive parameters let you characterize the pulse width variation or signal-to-noise ratio across a selectable region. Failure Analysis Engineers can store and recall golden waveforms and panel setups to compare problem drives with the known good signals. Analog-to-digital converters running at speeds up to 20 GS/second ensure the right oversampling rate to measure today’s high-speed read channels. In every DDA,you can run your MATLAB scripts to view the captured signal, with the filters matched to your channel and media.

  • Fabricantes: Teledyne LeCroy
  • Modelo: DDA5005A XXL




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