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Promax GF-855
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GF-855 is a functional Function generator that applies Frequency feedback control system technique and can generate high frequency accuracy with high resolution. Its main signal source can generate waveforms including sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, and ramp wave.

Key Features:
  • All digitized operation user interface
  • Wide output frequency range 0.01Hz ~ 15MHz
  • High frequency accuracy 0.02% 5 count
  • Maximum frequency resolution 10mHz
  • Dual displays indicate frequency and amplitude or other necessary information.
  • Built-in 6-digit INT/EXT Function Counter and up to 150 MHzfrequency range with high resolution
  • INT/EXT AM/FM Modulation with internal modulation signal output
  • LIN/LOG Sweep Mode with internal sweep signal output
  • VCF of 100:1 EXT Frequency Control
  • SYNC Output
  • TTL output
  • Synchronization GCV Output
  • Variable DC Offset Control
  • RS232 Interface Standard

    See Spec Sheet for Additional Information

    • Fabricantes: Promax
    • Modelo: GF-855

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