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VubiQ VuLink VL300
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Wireless Uncompressed Video Link VuLink VL300
Cost-effectively transport pure uncompressed HD video. Small and lightweight, the VuLink VL300 links can be used for ad hoc or permanent installation - indoors or outdoors - for applications including news gathering, sports coverage (stadium, track, golf course), building to building links, and countless others. Used by the professional broadcast and video market and is compatible with SD/HD SDI and DVB ASI video formats.
  • 1.485 Gb/s Uncompressed HD video up to 100 meters
  • Globally allocated unlicensed spectrum - 60 GHz
  • Zero lag
  • No Interference
  • No Compression
  • No Channel Coding
  • No Missing "Least Signficant" Bits
  • Simply, NO TRICKS

  • Highest quality wireless video transmission ? absolutely no compression or coding
  • Full baseband digital video stream
  • Up to 100 meter (330 foot) range - multiple links can be repeated indefinitely
  • Paired links can be set up for full duplex operation
  • Millimeter wave technology, narrow beamwidth, high security
  • 60 GHz globally allocated unlicensed spectrum ? impervious to fog, rain, dust, snow
  • Point-to-point links: across the field, on the golf course, at the track, building to building
  • Ad hoc or permanent installation - small, lightweight, fast setup and teardown
  • SDI input/output 75 ohm BNC, 12 VDC from mains power supply or battery
  • Fabricantes: Vubiq
  • Modelo: VuLink VL300




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