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The Rohde & Schwarz CMS52 Radiocommunication Service Monitor is the ideal radio tester for service, maintenance, and test departments. With its full-featured configuration plus additional test facilities, it not only satisfies all requirements of radio measurements, but is also able to perform tests in related fields. The light-weight and compact instrument is particularly suitable for mobile use. With its extensive test facilities, it's also a valuable aid in development laboratories.


* Compact, Versatile and Full-featured Radiotelephone Tester
* Low weight and small size for stationary, portable, and mobile Use
* High-contrast backlit LCD screen with large characters and simultaneous indication of all settings and results
* Numerous additional features such as spectrum monitor, oscilloscope, continuously tunable distortion meter, and adjustable AF filter
* Learn mode for easy programming
* Signaling unit for cellular radio, e.g., E-AMPS, trunked radio, paging systems, and ZVEI digital
* High-sensitivity second IF input for off-air measurements; Can be used independently for testing modules, including frequency converting DUTs
* Full-duplex operation without compromise on measurements
* Remote control via IEC/IEEE Bus
* Automatic self-adjustment functions and comprehensive self-test
* Built-in automatic test routines for recurring test sequences

Options at additional cost:
B1 = OXCO Oven Oscillator
B2 = OCXO Reference Oscillator For extremely high long-term stability. Specs same as CMS-B1, except for aging
B13 = Singalling Unit for Cellular Radio
B5 = CCITT Filter
B9 = STD Option (Mandatory with B53)
B22 = 10 MHz Reference Frequency Input/Output
  • Fabricantes: Rohde Schwarz
  • Modelo: CMS52




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