Spectrum Analyzers : Advantest Option-R3273-01-02-08-11-62

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Advantest Option-R3273-01-02-08-11-62
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Spectrum Analyzer 100Hz to 26.5GHz

The R3273 is a high-performance spectrum analyzer family designed to meet these needs for high throughput, wide bandwidth, high frequency and high quality digital modulation measurements.
01 - Digital Modulation Analysis Hardware
02 - Memory Card Drive (swapped with floppy disk drive)
08 - Rx Control (for R3560/3561/3562)
11 - High-Accuracy Power Measurement (for 3GPP-BS)
62 - W-CDMA/3GPP Analysis Software
  • Fabricantes: Advantest
  • Modelo: Option-R3273-01-02-08-11-62




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