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Racal Instruments 6113E
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The Racal Instruments 6113 Digital Radio Test Set provides a wide range of test and measurement functions to enable fast manual or automatic testing of GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800 or GSM1900 Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs). Applications includes installation and commissioning, routine maintenance, fault diagnosis and final unit product testing.

GPRS BTS Air Interface Monitor / MS Emulator for protocol analysis. Applications in R & D, test, evaluation and support. Protocol regression testing and fault finding. Multi slot packet switched functionality. User friendly Windows user interface. The AIME user interface provides the user with a sophisticated script editing and control facility, captures all the layer 2 and 3 signaling exchanges with frame and time stamps and logs all the traffic frames. USER INTERFACE The user interface software runs under Windows NT 4.0 based environments, providing the following functionality: Control of the 6113G via GPIB interface Script editing, debugging, execution and automation Logging of all air interface signaling Logging of all traffic frames Filtering of viewed data Fully decoded display of layer 2 and 3 messages Remote control ethernet interface. PHYSICAL LAYER LINK FUNCTION GPRS and GSM logical channels GPRS and GSM 51 & 52 Multiframe formats GPRS coding schemes CS1-4 GPRS multi slot up to 4 Tx + 4 Rx time slots (maximum combination of 6 time slots)
  • Fabricantes: Racal Instruments
  • Modelo: 6113E




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