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Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv
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With the advanced requirements of high-speed broadband services, cable operators need to test and monitor their entire networks as efficiently as possible. Sunrise Telecom s AT2500RQv spectrum analyzer is a high performance, lightweight, battery powered analyzer, ideal for CATV headend and field portable applications. Designed specifically for cable TV applications, the AT2500 combines a full-featured spectrum analyzer with complete CATV measurement capabilities.

The versatile AT2500RQv provides the advanced measurement power required for the latest multi-standard 16/64/256 QAM digital technologies, reducing operating costs and simplifying the transition from analog to digital testing. The unit has a variety of options, including time domain measurement, QAM analyzer, and video demodulator. The AT2500R series analyzer can be customized to specific CATV measurement requirements, providing the flexibility to meet all FCC testing requirements.


* Enhanced CATV spectrum analysis from 4 Mhz to 1.5Ghz
* Flexible, mobile digital analyzer to test upstream and downstream paths
* Contains built-in band pass filter to increase dynamic range
* Enables technicians to perform all headend and field tests without carrying an external band pass filter
* Supports testing for Annex A, B, C, and PAL systems
* Mitigates upstream and return path problems when combined with Sunrise Telecom CM1000 with USG module
* Complete set of test requirements for semi-annual FCC performance report
  • Fabricantes: Sunrise Telecom
  • Modelo: AT2500RQv




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