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Time Electronics 1017 DC Multifunction VIR Calibrator w/ Factory Certificate
  • DC Volts 10nV to 100V
  • DC Current 100nA to 100mA
  • Resistance 10mOhms to 10kOhms
  • 0.005% (50ppm) accuracy
  • 1 ppm setting resolution
  • Noise <2ppm (0.1 to 1Hz)
  • Stability <5ppm/day, <25ppm/yr

The 1017 is a high performance portable DC calibrator for use in the field or laboratory. It is constructed in a durable, compact plastic case with a tilt stand/carry handle.

Five DC voltage ranges from 10mV to 100V full scale are available, each with a 6-digit (1ppm) resolution. The DC current range is 100mA full scale with a 100nA (1ppm) resolution. Resistance from 0.01ohm to 10kohms is available 0.01ohm steps.

The voltage, current and resistance ranges make it suitable for calibrating a wide range of transducers, from thermocouples, 4-20mA and 0-10V transmitters, to Platinum Resistance Thermometers, all in the same instrument.

Mains or rechargeable battery. Battery operation enables good performance where earth loop and noise pick-up occurs.

Stability v Temperature and Time
Outstanding performance is due to the use of special computer selected reference diodes and the latest in resistor technology. The special low-thermal emf terminals reduce errors when working with microvolt signals.

Digital Deviation Control
Allows the output to be increased/decreased in % terms from 0 to +/-0.999%. This provides a direct read-out of error and simplifies the recording results for calibration certificates. It enables the user to immediately see if the unit under test is within specification.

*NIST/UKAS Calibration Certificates can be provided at an additional charge.

  • Fabricantes: Time Electronics
  • Modelo: 1017




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