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Easyloc Standard Kit, w/depth, Receiver, Transmitter & bag

.... Three operation modes optimum locating application
.... Semi-automatic gain control fast signal location and control
.... Push-button depth in active and passive modes confirm utility location
.... Digital display intuitive information in a compact design
.... 33 kHz active frequency best frequency for general locating
.... Full featured transmitter quality locating capability
Easyloc is a welcome economical and technical solution to utility locating incorporating a rugged housing, automatic digital display and high quality features for greater productivity at lower operational costs. As a single active frequency locating instrument, the Easyloc employs the proven 33 kHz frequency for most locating applications. Additional functionality is found in the highly sensitive power (50/60 Hz + harmonics) and radio (15-23 kHz) modes for line avoidance at utility construction sites. Depth measurement is taken with the press of a button in all modes of operation (active and passive).

The Easylocs intuitive well organized receiver display is an indicator of a superior design that meets user demands. All functions are quickly understood and within reach. A new graphical display of signal strength indicates the maximum signal strength with a visual marker. Together with the audio signal, the operator can quickly confirm the utility location with greater precision.
  • Fabricantes: Metrotech
  • Modelo: 890010855




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