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SM MM HandHeld Fusion Splicer

The S121A hand held mini fusion splicer is ideal for connection installations where simplicity and low cost are a requirement. Typical applications include LANs and FTTH services.

The S121A fusion splicer has been reduced in both size and weight to 1/3 of previous model. The unit itself weighs 980g, and a total of 1,150g even with the removable battery included.

The adoption of an T-shaped body enables splicing with a minimum excess fiber length, and allows the user to hold the unit in one hand in insufficient working spaces.

The S121A Fusion Splicer handles only single-core optical fibers. The fiber is set in the holder, and the unit executes all operations from pre-processing to connection. An enlarged image is displayed on a 2.5-inch color LCD monitor to ensure stable, high-quality connections.

This product offers fully automatic splicing in only 13 seconds - all the user needs to do is set the fiber in the holder and press a button. Fiber type can be switched easily between single mode and multimode by selecting a pre-set splicing program.

The splicing offers very low loss -average 0.1 dB on single mode fibers.

  • Fabricantes: Fitel
  • Modelo: S121A




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