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Dadi Telecommunication Equipment GEA-8110A
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Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer

GEA-8110A Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer is an integrated Ethernet test tool for 10/100/100Mbps Ethernet installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. This device could be used for cable testing, traffic testing, RFC2544 testing and also support PPPoE function, FTP download, and IE surfing. Except that it also can be regarded as Ethernet diagnose tool for PING test, router trace, port identify and loop back test.GEA-8110A Ethernet wiremaping test and bandwidth identify in one tool.

  • Small and portable: it is smaller and lighter than similar products
  • Convenient operation:colorful high-definition touch screen and Chinese graphical user interface
  • Powerful functions: rich functions, include many useful functions such as link performance test, wiring test, port test, network test and terminal emulation
  • Good compatibility: support the mutual test of the same series Ethernet tester in DADI company
  • Powerful battery: built-In large-capacity lithium battery with long endurance time
  • Optimized structure design: test interfaces anti-dust and anti -shock treatment
  • Advanced cooling system: Ensure long and stable operation of the device.
  • Fabricantes: Dadi Telecommunication Equipment
  • Modelo: GEA-8110A




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