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Tektronix PQA500
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Picture Quality Analyzer

The true measure of any television system is viewer satisfaction. Based on the concepts of the human vision system, the PQA500 provides a suite of repeatable, objective quality measurements that closely correspond with subjective human visual assessment. The PQA500 can be used for installation, verification and trouble-shooting of each block of a video system because it is video technology agnostic; any visible differences between video input and output from processing components in the system chain can be quantified and assessed for video quality degradation.

  • CODEC Design, Optimization and Verification
  • Conformance Testing, Transmission Equipment and System Evaluation
  • Digital Video Mastering
  • Video Compression Services
  • Digital Consumer Product Development and Manufacturing


  • Ensure measurement results match viewers' subjective ratings
  • Achieve and verify differentiated picture quality with cost-effective and time-efficient repeatable assessments
  • Reduce the time and effort needed to detect, diagnose and correct picture quality problems
  • Optimize video processing algorithm performance
  • Clearly state the quality acceptance criteria for video products, systems or content
  • Easily share the conformance measurements and results throughout the organization or with suppliers


  • Fabricantes: Tektronix
  • Modelo: PQA500




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