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Compuvideo CV-9000 P(RM)
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Master Sync A/V Generator

Compuvideo new Low Cost Precision Professional A/V Generator in all metal enclosure is made in USA with user friendly direct function smart front panel control with last settings memory and auto power back-up . . .assuring that even if power is lost to the unit - it will still work without any interruption. Unit can be used in rack mount, desktop and/or handheld configurations, powered by AC/DC power and/or internal 9-Volt batteries with 10 hours of average operation and low battery indication. Included with the unit: 19" Rack Mount, power supply and calibration certificate. All outputs can be used at the same time.

Unit provides Broadcast High Quality Test Patterns (SMPTE Bars, Full Field Bars, Grayscale, Black Reference, Red, Green, Blue, White, Center, Cross and Dots) and 6-Black Reference Outputs to independently Genlock Video/Audio Systems. Specially designed Black Reference and Test Pattern generators are separately buffered . . . when you select Test Patterns - Black Reference is not effected and its always there. Since Test Patterns and Black Reference generated from same sync source, horizontal and subcarrier phase always match. Additionally, unit has front panel program function for future standards/formats upgrades.
  • Fabricantes: Compuvideo
  • Modelo: CV-9000 P(RM)




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