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The AV-151 series is a family of high-voltage (or, for the AV-151F, high-current) function generators and variable-gain amplifiers. All models include both an internal oscillator that can generate sine, triangle, and square waves, and a variable-gain amplifier mode, which permits generation of more complex high-voltage waveforms. The AV-151D family can drive 50 Ohms loads, at frequencies to 1 MHz, and amplitudes to +/-30 Volts. For high output current / low load impedance applications, Avtech offers the AV-151E family, which provides a peak output of +/-25 Volts to loads as low as 20 Ohms, at frequencies up to 20 kHz. Models with the -B suffix also include a pulse mode of operation. The pulse mode allows the generation of a rectangular pulse waveform that swings from zero Volts to a positive voltage. The pulse width is adjustable up to 0.5 seconds. The maximum pulse duty cycle is 80%.
  • Fabricantes: AVTECH
  • Modelo: AV-151D-B




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