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Leader VL500
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  • 500 meter HD, 800 meter SD range multiple links can be repeated indefinitely
  • >SD/HD SDI and DVB ASI Compatible 270 Mb/s, 1.485 Gb/s (every bit of it)
  • >Highest quality wireless video transmission absolutely no compression or coding
  • Paired links can be set up for full duplex operation
  • Millimeter wave technology, narrow beamwidth, high security
  • 60 GHz globally allocated unlicensed spectrum impervious to fog, rain, dust, snow
  • Point-to-point links: across the field, on the golf course, at the track, building to building
  • Ad hoc or permanent installation small, lightweight, fast setup and teardown
  • SDI input/output 75 ohm BNC, 12 VDC from mains power supply or battery
  • Fabricantes: Leader
  • Modelo: VL500




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