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Advantest Q7606B
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The Q7606A / Q7606B is a lightwave modulation test set, used together with a digital sampling oscilloscope, to separately measure and evaluate the chirp (frequency-modulated/FM) and intensity-modulated (IM) components of incident laser light. The Q7606A / Q7606B contains two sets of fiber-type Mach-Zehnder interferometers and their control circuits. The Q7606A / Q7606B can selectively output the sum of or difference between the frequency-modulated/FM and IM components of the modulated incident light by switching the measurement mode. The sum (IM+FM) and difference (IM-FM) data are processed by the digital sampling oscilloscope and the personal computer to separate the chirp FM and IM components from each other, thus making it possible to evaluate the time-domain characteristics.
  • Fabricantes: Advantest
  • Modelo: Q7606B




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