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Agilent 86100D
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The Keysight 86100D DCA-X has been engineered for unmatched accuracy, insight, and ease-of-use. In addition to providing industry leading signal integrity measurements, the DCA-X provides:

Powerful new INSIGHT

  • Integrated de-embedding / embedding capability (using 86100D-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA license)
  • Advanced signal processing such as filtering, FFT, differentiate and integrate functions
  • New measurement capability, including Data Dependent Pulse Width Shrinkage (DDPWS), uncorrelated jitter (UJ), J2, J9 and more


  • Dual user interfaces
    - FlexDCA -- a new customizable vector-based user interface for scope, eye, and jitter measurements
    - DCA-J classic user interface for 100% backwards compatibility
  • Customizable user-interface
  • Display up to 64 measurements simultaneously
  • ONE button setups


  • Built-in Waveform Simulator with random/periodic jitter and noise generator
  • Live or Offline Signal Analysis


  • Supports up to 16 channels (with future mini-modules) for testing high density ASIC/FPGA testing and parallel designs
  • Vertical gain and offset controls that can be assigned to all channels and functions
  • User-defined multipurpose button
  • User-defined analog control knob
  • 3X faster CPU than DCA-J
  • 100% backwards compatibility with all DCA modules
Infiniium DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe. The Keysight 86100D DCA-X is engineered for unmatched accuracy insight and ease-of-use.

  • Fabricantes: Agilent-Keysight
  • Modelo: 86100D




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