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Megger MOM2 BD-59090 with Kelvin Probes
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BD-59090 Handheld High-Current Microhmmeter

The Megger MOM2 microhmmeter is a handheld contact resistance test instrument that weighs only 2 lbs. Thanks to a new ground breaking technology, this instrument can reliably produce a test current up to 220A. It also complies with IEC 62271-100, IEEE/ANSI C37.09-1999 and C37.100-1992 standards. It is battery operated and performs 2200 tests per charge.

Designed for any customer that needs more than 50A or 100A to perform a low resistance measurement and store up to 190 records.

The MOM2 is a handheld contact resistance test instrument that weighs only 1 kg. Thanks to new ground breaking technology, MOM2 is used for fast and reliable high current measurements that complies with both IEEE and IEC test standards. The primary use of the instrument is to measure the contact resistance on circuit breakers but it can of course be used in any application where low contact resistance has to be verified.

This small and practical instrument is designed with operator safety and ease of use in mind. The result is a truly handheld device that allows the user to connect the Kelvin test leads to the breaker and press the TEST button and wait for the result to be displayed with large and clear digits. The internal memory holds the test data that can be uploaded to a computer at a later stage. The MOM2 can be programmed with Pass/Fail limits that alerts the user with audible feed back when values fall outside acceptable limits.

The MOM2 also supports the Dual Ground technology that allows for fast and reliable contact resistance testing while the breaker remains safely grounded on both sides during the test. MOM2 can be ordered with different test lead sets depending on test requirements.

Considering the low weight and small size plus the fast and safe operation, MOM2 is the perfect choice for high current - low contact resistance measurements.
  • Fabricantes: Megger
  • Modelo: MOM2 BD-59090 with Kelvin Probes




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