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Ramsey STE6000
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Microwave RF Shielded Test Enclosure
RF Isolation: 20 MHz to 18 GHz

The STE6000 offers a View Window, Glove Holes and a unique single bar, easy release latch system. With the roomy interior, this model is very well suited for testing large devices or multiple devices at one time.

The STE6000 is constructed of .090 Aluminum, utilizing precision machined tolerances throughout to maintain an RF-Tight environment. Our special "double lip" technology gives you RF isolation greater than 90dB down at 1GHz! The heavy duty RF sealed cover hinges open and close with a precision air piston. Once closed, a large RF tight viewing window overlooks the entire working area within the enclosure. Hands-on troubleshooting, tuning and access to the device under test are accomplished using specially designed, silver impregnated, ultra fine mesh gloves that offer excellent manual dexterity and hands-on access to the equipment under test.

The entire interior is lined with RF absorbent foam that provides 24dB attenuation. The work area has built-in illumination using an LED light board powered by the RF Filtered AC Supply. All of the I/O connections and interfaces are provided within a precision machined I/O panel. This panel can be configured with your own custom connectors and interface options. It also allows your enclosure to be "custom configured" from a standard stock enclosure. For you that means speedy delivery and lower costs! Simply choose the I/O and options from the Options Tab and your enclosure will be configured to your spec!

  • Designed for hands-on manipulation of larger devices under test
  • RF absorbent foam liner
  • Exclusive double lip RF tight gasket
  • Universal I/O connector interface plate
  • RF tight hands-on silver mesh gloves
  • RF tight illuminated viewing window
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Dual gas filled cover struts
  • Single handle, easy release latch system
  • Designed for hands-on adjustment and alignment
  • Fabricantes: Ramsey
  • Modelo: STE6000




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