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Leader LV5980
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Leader LV5980
The instrument accepts 2 HD/ SD-SDI inputs and provides full test and measurement capabilities on a large 17 inch monitor. Full screen and combination displays of picture, waveform, vector, audio and status can be seen in various combinations. The instrument can be rack-mounted or used as a bench/table top instrument.

Simultaneously Monitors 2 HD/SD-SDI Sources
Displays Picture, CINELITE, CINEZONE, Waveform, Vector, 5-Bar, Audio and Status In Various Combinations.
Options Include CINELITE/CINEZONE and 3DAssist
17" Monitor With Superb, Crisp Waveforms And Picture Representations.
Time-Code Referenced Error Logs Facilitate Material Q/A And Improve Work Flows. User Settable
  • Fabricantes: Leader
  • Modelo: LV5980




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