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Optical CWDM Channel Checker / Power Meter

JDSU OCC-55 is an innovative selective power meter for CWDM applications. The OCC-55 is a low-cost alternative solution to optical spectrum analyzers. It scans CWDM systems and automatically records all channel key measurements including wavelength, frequency and related power level.

* Industrys smallest and lightest CWDM channel checker
* Measure up to 18 CWDM wavelengths specified by ITU-T G.694.2 standards
* Low-cost alternative to an OSA
* Report generation with OFS-355 SMART Optical Reporting Software

* Determine active channels: wavelength and power level
* Ideal for field CWDM applications
* MUX/DEMUX qualification

Key Features:
* Outstanding battery lifetime ensuring highest flexibility
* Graphical/tabular display mode
* Client and host USB port

  • Fabricantes: JDSU
  • Modelo: OCC-55




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