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Shenzhen Tellid TLD2405
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TLD2405series of handheld Optical Time Domain Reflector (OTDR) is a high performance, cost-effective optical network analysis tester, with the feature of lightweight, easy to use,high intelligence and having a hotkey for automatic rapid testing.TLD2405Series handhold OTDR is small, powerful and portable. It is battery powered. 3.5 Inch TFT-LCD can meet the needs of high luminance environment and night. TLD2405OTDR has simple and friendly graphical user interface. Touch screen panel and keyboard button can meet different operators habits.
Hotkey for rapid testing, and just press the hotkey you can obtain the required operational test results. TLD2405series OTDR provides three power saving modes, Close the LCD screen,equipment sleep and power-off,for users to select according different applications, to ensure that the equipment to achieve a longer working hours.

Main Feature

1310/1550 dual-wavelength testing;
Visible light source, facilitate to inspect fiber break;
Complete PC analysis software for you to quickly and efficiently generate a professional OTDR reports;
Easy to operate, both the touch-screen panel and keyboardbutton can completely operate the equipment, meeting differentoperators habits;
All important tests can provide a hotkey to operate automatically, ensure higher test efficiency;
3.5-inch TFT LCD with brightness adjustment support, suit for high luminance environment and night;
With auto-sleep function to save power;
NI-MH battery-powered, low-voltage protection, continuous working time up to 8 hours;
Hardware power switch, thorough stop electrical energy loss, ensures the battery can work longer;
Determine fiber optic cable or fiber optics failure point, connection point, breakpoint position
Describe fiber optic cable or fibers loss distribution curve, measure cable, fibers length and the loss, attenuation coefficient between two points
Measure fiber optic cable, optical fiber connectors insertion loss
Measure fiber optic cable, optical fibers reflection loss;

Fiber production and research devices
Fiber Network Testing and Maintenance
Optical Communication Teaching and Test

Technical Specification

Source Type: LD
Connector Type: FC (SC, LC)
Wavelength: 1310nm 1550nm
Fiber type: Single-mode
Weaken Blind spot :15m
Event Blind spot : 8m
Dynamic Range : 26dB
Maximum test distance : 80Km
Data storage capacity : 180 test curve
u Size: 220mm110mm70mm
  • Fabricantes: Shenzhen Tellid
  • Modelo: TLD2405




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