Cable Testers : Megger 1001-5000

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Megger 1001-5000
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TechMate HT1000-A Standard

The TechMate is a high performance, full feature, hand held instrument designed to provide copper wire provisioning and maintenance technicians with the most critical tests at the touch of a button. Durable and water resistant, the TechMate is equipped with a highly effective 1/4 VGA LCD screen and a powerful backlight designed to make testing and troubleshooting easier in all work environments.

  • Noise finder via a 30 MHz spectrum analyzer
  • 7 User selectable auto tests
  • Incremental pair test program
  • 200 pair pre-post test storage
  • AC or DC power
  • USB Port downloads updates and uploads test results
  • Fabricantes: Megger
  • Modelo: 1001-5000




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