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Kikusui PAT60-399TMX 400V
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24kw,0 to 60V/0 to 399A, Smart rack system (The large-current model assembles multiple PAT-T series units with special rack parts.), Model with breaker
The PAT-T Series is a constant voltage/constant current, auto-shifting, switching DC power supply. It features a soft switching system that offers greater efficiency and lower noise. At the same time, it makes full use of high-density packaging technology to reduce the units size and weight.
The chassis is the standard rack width (430 mm), and is about 130 mm (3U) high and 550 mm deep. The output power is 8 kW. Compared to series regulated products of the same capacity, it is about 1/6 the volume and 1/7 the weight. While offering a high output of 8 kW despite its small cabinet size, it also features a power factor correction circuit. With a high power factor of 0.95, it improves the power environment (suppresses harmonic currents) and also greatly contributes to "energy saving," as exemplified by its simplified and miniaturized power reception and distribution modules, and overall lower power consumption.
Furthermore, an optimized heat radiation design will make operation guaranteed at ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees C. It can thus be deployed in demanding applications where it must provide full-load, continuous operation despite high ambient temperatures. The layout of the operation/display panel is simple and intuitive and has been designed with viewability and usability in mind.
An RS-232C interface is provided as standard together with external analog control, monitor output, and status output connectors, enabling control from an external computer or sequencer. In addition, GPIB or USB interface can be equipped as a factory option. The unit can either be used in a standalone configuration or can be incorporated into a test system.
  • Fabricantes: Kikusui
  • Modelo: PAT60-399TMX 400V




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