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Gigamax SIA-4000D
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(Previously sold as Wavecrest)

The SIA family of instruments provides several options for direct interface and function automation. In the lab, you can automate measurements with Lab View, Visual Basic Macros and other familiar applications using scripted macros. Engineers can set up a test in one location for deployment across multiple sites, which maintains test integrity and enables rapid startup for every group of users. You can also control other instruments through macro scripts and GPIB, creating an automated test set for jitter tolerance, voltage/temperature and other characterization analyses.

When you use the SIA family of instruments, you can streamline the transition from design to production and significantly reduce time to market for new devices. We offer test and measurement solutions specifically designed for ATE systems and stand-alone production testing applications.

SIA-3000 Series:
Configurable with up to 8 differential channels measuring data rates to 4.5 Gb/s and beyond, with 200 femtosecond resolution. Includes 13 GHz sampling oscilloscope.
Upgradable to SIA4000

SIA-4000 Series:
Configurable with up to 8 differential channels measuring data rates to 15 Gb/s with 200 femtosecond resolution. Includes full functioning, color gradient 15 GHz sampling oscilloscope.
  • Fabricantes: Gigamax
  • Modelo: SIA-4000D




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