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Fluke 1622A-S-156
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The most accurate temperature and humidity graphical data loggers on the market

The DewK thermo hygrometer and humidity monitor measures temperature to +/- 0.125 degrees C and humidity to +/- 1.5 % on two channels, and displays it on a big, clear screen. Ethernet, wireless (optional), or RS-232 will allow you to network as many DewKs as youd like. And the LogWare III software will allow real-time logging of multiple DewKs, data storage to your computer and seamless integration with MET/CAL software.


The "DewK" Thermo-Hygrometer, USB Wireless Standard-Accuracy Value Kit
  • 1621A-S Value Kit
  • 2633-RF Wireless Option (requires wireless modem)
  • Wireless Modem, USB to wireless
  • Fabricantes: Fluke
  • Modelo: 1622A-S-156




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