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Com Power CIS-50
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The CIS series test systems are configured to perform conducted immunity testing according to IEC 61000-4-6. The system includes ACS series power amplifier, Coupling Decoupling Network (CDN), directional couplers, attenuators, cables and CSAT software. These systems when properly configured are capable of testing your products to the all levels given in IEC 61000-4-6 up to 230 MHz. The two systems available and are given the table below.

The IEC-61000-4-6 requires that an appropriate a coupling decoupling networks (CDN) with defined common mode impedance is used for testing conducted immunity. Com-Power has a wide variety of CDNs. The system can be customized include the CDNs to fit your application at the time of purchase. Before you begin testing with the CDN you will need to establish a calibrated drive levels corresponding to the test levels. When used with compatible signal generator and spectrum analyzer, the CSAT test software can fully automate this calibration and also perform the test. Com-Power CDNs are calibrated to meet the latest CISPR 16 test standards.

  • ASC-230-50 W Power Amplifier
  • CDNs (to be determined at the time of purchase)
  • ATTN-6-100W
  • ATTN-30-100W
  • DCD-300-100W
  • Cable set
  • CSAT Software (optional)
  • Appropriate CDN shorting adapters
  • ADA-515 150 Ohm to 50 Ohm adapters
  • 50 Ohm terminator
  • Fabricantes: Com Power
  • Modelo: CIS-50




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