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Anritsu MS2720T
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9 kHz to 9 GHz
13 GHz 20 GHz
32 GHz
43 GHz

The MS2720T Spectrum Master is a high performance handheld spectrum analyzer great up to 43GHz depending on options.

From Anritsu, the inventor of the handheld spectrum anal yzer first introduced in 1999, we are proud to introduce our 7th generation Spectrum Master MS2720T. The MS2720T represents the highest performance handheld spectrum analyzers available in the world as Anritsu pu shes the envelope closer to benchtop quality. This generation introduces a touch screen, full-band tracking generators to 20 GHz, and best-in-class performance for dynamic range, DANL, phase noise, and sweep speed.

  • Fabricantes: Anritsu
  • Modelo: MS2720T




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