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HIOKIs LR8410-20 Wireless Logging Station captures data from remotely installed logging modules wirelessly. Two types of logging modules provide measurement and recording capabilities for voltage, temperature, resistance, and humidity data. Each station can control up to seven logging modules (for a total of 105 channels), and data is logged using a high-speed sampling process that scans all channels every 100 ms. Wireless technology makes it possible to log over 100 channels of data in applications where it would be diffi cult to use a conventional logger, such as high locations where wiring would be diffi cult or inside secured control panels. Since the logging modules can be placed right next to the system to be measured, long wires and connection complexities are minimized. The new LR8410-20 dramatically expands the potential of the multi-channel logger.
  1. Wireless gathering of multichannel measurement data
    The LR8410-20 features Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing it to gather data from remotely located measurement units. Data can be sent and received between an LR8410-20 and logging modules positioned up to 30 meters (line-of-sight distance) apart. This capability proves useful when making measurements in locations where it would be different to run wiring to connect a sensor to a conventional measuring instrument. Measuring multiple locations simultaneously with a conventional logger requires long wiring runs connecting the logger to each sensor, raising the possibility that measurements could be hindered by wiring breaks and noise. The new HIOKI data logger both reduces and shortens wiring, helping to improve the measurement environment and boost measurement efficiency.

  2. Gathering of data from up to seven measurement units with one LR8410-20
    One LR8410-20 can control up to seven measurement units, allowing it to gather up to 105 channels of data.

    Measuring a variety of locations with a conventional logger yields data with different time-series characteristics. However, since the LR8410-20 can control up to seven logging modules, it is possible to take measurements at multiple remote locations as part of the same time-series.

    Additionally, the LR8410-20’s shortest recording interval of 100 ms (1/10 sec.) can be used with all 105 channels.

  3. Easy setup with the Quick Set Navigator
    The LR8410-20 incorporates HIOKI’s Quick Set navigator, which explains setup operations on the instrument’s display so that even first-time users can prepare it for measurement. When the LR8410-20 is powered on, a simple operation causes it to automatically detect and register measurement units that are within its communications range. Even users with no knowledge of data communications can start taking measurements immediately.

    The LR8410-20 also automatically detects and displays measurement units that are within its communications range.
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