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Leader LV7770 Multi SDI Rasterizer Features:

  • Configurable & AffordableAccepts two 3G, Dual Link, or SD/HD-SDI sources that can be displayed simultaneously or individually.
  • Picture, Waveform, Vector, Audio, CINELITE II, CINELITE Advanced, 5-Bar and Status Displays.
  • Platform can monitor and display two sources at the same time in two or four split screen displays.
  • 3D Assist Display available by applying the video signal for the left eye to channel A and the one for the right eye to channel B.
  • DVI-I Rasterized Output displays to external LCD monitor in XGA resolution.
  • HDMI Program Output of the selected source is provided.
  • Screen Capture, Frame Capture and Error Capture features available.
  • Supports options including Physical Layer Testing with Eye Pattern, Digital & Analog Audio and Composite Inputs.
  • As standard, digital audio supports Loudness, Lip Sync and A/V Delay Measurements, in addition to providing Lissajous and Bar Graph displays.
  • A Dolby option is available for Dolby E or Dolby Digital signals compressed in embedded audio or digital audio signals.
  • Data Analysis, Settable Error Levels with Monitoring, Alarms and Error Logs with Time Code.
  • USB connector allows the use of a flash drive for storing captured screens, presets and software/firmware updates.
  • Ethernet connectivity allows for remote control over the web. Supports TELNET, FTP, HTTP and SNMP.
  • It can also be controlled through the LV7770-01 Remote Controller.
  • Universal AC Power Supply allows for worldwide use.

  • Options:

  • OP03A = Composite Inputs Option; Provides two composite inputs with switched monitor output for Picture, Waveform and Vector test screens for NTSC and PAL composite systems. It accepts analog Tri-level Sync & Black Burst signals for waveform display.
  • OP09 = Eye Pattern Option; Provides eye & jitter measurements for 3G, SD/HD SDI inputs. SMPTE recommended filters and auto-measurement is provided.
  • OP42 = Analog Audio Option; Provides 8 channels of analog audio I/O. Selected digital audio (discreet or embedded) is converted to analog audio.
  • OP70 = 8ch Digital Audio Option; Provides additional 8 channels of AES/EBU I/O through selectable menu. Outputs embedded audio as discreet AES/EBU.
  • LV7770-DOLBY Option = Adds Dolby Digital Support and Dolby Metadata Analysis.
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