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Hioki MR8740
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  • Introducing the DVM Unit Hioki MR8990 with high 24-bit resolution! Perform high-speed, high-accuracy measurement without going through a scanner.
  • Support for multichannel measurement (MR8740: up to 54 ch; MR8741: up to 16 ch)
  • Isolated input (between input channels; input-to-chassis isolation: maximum input-to-ground rated voltage of 300 V AC/DC)
  • High-speed sampling (max. 20 MS/s; with 54-ch type, simultaneous sampling of up to 32 ch)
  • Ideal for rack-mounting (4U height/within 180 mm; display-less, box-type design)
  • Remote measurement via LAN communications (data stored in built-in memory; operate remotely from a PC)
    • Fabricantes: Hioki
    • Modelo: MR8740




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