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The LV5333 is a great and powerful tool in a compact and portable product. Just like its predecessor, the LV5333 boasts a 6.5 high-fidelity TFT LCD screen for high quality picture images. Waveform, Vectorscope, Audio, 5-bar Display, and Status analysis are all possible in this instrument. Just like the previous waveform monitors from LEADER, various multi-display combinations allow for complete and easy monitoring wihle full-screen presentations provide a wealth of information and enable detailed review of the material. It also offers an embedded audio signal display allowinglevel-meter measurements.

Plus new features like Cable Length, External Phase Difference, and Field Frequency Deviation measurements are added to the list of characteristics. CINELITE II and other software options come included for this specific product, making it not only an attractive technical instrument but also a creative one at the same time.

  • Supports 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI.
  • Built-in 6.5 TFT LCD XGA Display (1,024 x 768) for superb, crisp waveforms and picture representations.
  • CINELITE II (Cinelite and Cinezone) and CINELITE ADVANCED come standard with this product.
  • Histogram, User Gamma Display, Gamut and Level Error functions come now standard with the LV5333.
  • Line Selector allows to choose any line of the video signal to be displayed and provides waveform, vector, and 5-bar representations of that specific line.
  • Supports Closed-Captions EIA608.
  • Cable Length, EXT Phase, and Field Frequency Deviation Measurements.
  • Up to 8 channels of embedded audio signals can be displayed using audio bar level meters.
  • Extracts embedded audio signals and sends two user-selectable audio channels to the headphone jack.
  • Audio shortcut button located on the front panel.
  • Includes “Screen Capture” to capture the displayed image and save it to the internal memory (RAM) or in to an USB memory device.
  • The internal memory holds up to 30 presets allowing quick access to favorite instrument setups.
  • Instrument can be remote controlled from a PC over an Ethernet network.
  • Can be mounted on a tripod for on-camera fitting.
  • Universal AC Power Supply allows for worldwide use.
  • Battery Adapters for IDX and Anton Bauer are available.
  • Fabricantes: Leader
  • Modelo: LV5333




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