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Electrolyte Level Monitoring Solution: Up to 240 Jars (240 cells)

The Eagle Eye ELM-Series Electrolyte Level Monitor is a reliable dual sensor system that monitors the electrolyte level and temperature of individual flooded batteries. Utilizing low-cost, easy to install sensors, the system will alarm on low electrolyte level or higher than normal temperature. The sensors are simply and securely attached, either directly to the jar, or via an optional clip which allows the sensor to be removed and re-used if the jar should require replacement. The ELM-Series battery electrolyte level monitor and sensor is customized to work for any flooded battery system. Each battery system receives (1) ELM-Monitor and the number of sensors per jar / cells.

In the condition of a low electrolyte or temperature alarm, the sensors communicate to the system monitor and the system monitor activates a changeover relay output while simultaneously activating the appropriate alarm LED lights. The LED light will indicate either 'low electrolyte level' or 'jar over-temperature'. In the event that four or more jars fall to an alarm level, the monitor will trigger a group alarm in addition to the single jar alarm. The alarm contacts are volt-free and can be made as make-on-alarm or fail-safe mode (giving warning of a supply failure) and may be linked in to any facilities management or alarm system for remote battery monitoring.
  • Fabricantes: Eagle Eye
  • Modelo: ELM-240C




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