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GSTeletech CoverCell 25KN
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Digital Dualband Repeater

Field Adjustable Band Selection (Digital Filter)
Cellular and PCS Dual Band Service
Cellular : A1+A2, B1+B2, A+B Bands and LTE Frequency Block Support
PCS Band Configurable (A,D,B,E,F,C)
(CoverCell 25K) Single Selectable Contiguous Bandwidth (5, 10, 15MHz)
(CoverCell 25KN) Contiguous Band or up to 3 Non-contiguous Channels A through G Band
3 Independent PCS Channels with each channel supporting 1.25MHz to 18.75MHz bandwidth by 1.25MHz steps
2 RF Power Options: 17dBm Cellular/19dBm PCS (25K), or 24dBm Cellular/24dBm PCS (25KN)
Automatic Gain Setting & Setup
Remote Monitoring & Access
  • Fabricantes: GSTeletech
  • Modelo: CoverCell 25KN




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